Loudmouth Putter RD2 - "Shiver Me Timber"

Loudmouth Putter RD2 - "Shiver Me Timber"

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Loudmouth RD2 Grip

750 Kč s DPH

Dostupnost: Skladem
skladem: 195 ks


délka: ca. 27 cm
váha: 62 g ( včetně magnetu a markovátka)
obvod (vrchní): ca. 8,9 cm
obvod (spodní): ca. 9,8 cm
vnitřní průměr: 0,60"

markovátko na vrchu gripu


Superior Tackiness

The Reverse Dimple™ is designed similar to the foot of a gecko. This texture provides enhanced grip traction resulting from the increased surface area available to grasp, without a requirement to increase the size of the grip itself.

Reduces Grip Pressure

Physics states: ⟨ Pressure = Force ÷ Surface Area ⟩. Reverse dimples increase the surface area in contact with your hands and instantaneously reduce your grip pressure. Less grip pressure allows more control and consistency in your game.

Wicks Moisture

The Reverse Dimple™ texture maintains intimate contact with the hands while the channels between the dimples allow sweat and other moisture to escape.

The patented ballmarker on the top of the grip is always included.

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